How To Stop Gossip In The Work Place

Are you able to spot a gossiper?

This is a skill you need to either have or need to develop. Knowing how to spot a gossiper can help you maintain longevity in your position. It will help you avoid drama and unwanted attention.

What if gossiper’s talk to you?

This was an issue I had for a while. When you are naturally social, almost every one, or a good amount of people will greet you or make small talk. This includes the gossiper’s.

RED FLAG * Gossiper’s will first test you by giving their opinion on others you work with. How you respond will be your defense mechanism.

Pay attention to key words like, “I like this person,” or “So and so is cool.” This is a dead give away! Eventually this person will have a rainy day, and the same way they expressed their likes, they will express their dislikes. Expect it, and dont be surprised.

Here is how you remain neutral:

Listen to the bad, and respond with, “We ALL have our days.” This has worked for me many times. It causes the person to self reflect. If this is an aggressive gossiper, they will make multiple attempts to reel you in. Always respond with positivity. Trust and believe, they will get bored, and stop because they cannot feed off of your negativity.

So, learn how to spot a gossiper, and have a Plan B for future gossiping events. This also works with groups.

Know what you will will say when the time comes.

Gossip can cause stress, anxiety, and lots of drama. This is a complete imbalance which would not allow you to live your best Holistic Life. You have the power to protect your soul at every moment. Take your power back.

Check out my short video:Stop Gossip @Work !

“Stay Balance


How To Be Employee Of The Month Every Month!

Here we go…

This will be short and sweet, I promise.

Employee of the month is probably non existant these days. What I’m actually referring to is being your best self every month at your job.

Have goals within your job description. These goals should consist of company quotas, team goals, your personal goals, and you working toward an END goal.

Figure out how you can progress within your title. Are you already a model employee? Have you mastered your position? What else do you want out of this opportunity.

Getting comfortable at your job means you are not progressing. You are stagnant when you’re not in motion. If you are content with that, fine, this article is not for you.

For the go getter who always wants more, listen up. If you haven’t mastered your positon I’d suggest you do so. Why? Having goals within your position automatically gives you an advantage over your co-workers.

Your boss will notice your “goal oriented self”, and you will be placed in leadership postion if you are consistant every month.

Ever notice a co-worker complain they didn’t get a promotion, or they use the excuse “they just don’t like me.” Run! Don’t be this individual, and don’t associate with them either. This will diminish YOUR image. “Birds of a feather flock together.”

So plan your success ahead. Meet your monthly goals, stay consistent, and always protect your image.

Being in an environment where you can excel is a wonderful thing. Make the best of your situation. Living a holistic life means being your best self, ALWAYS.


“Stay Balanced”






Do I Want a Job, Or Do I Want To Work For Myself?

The Fork In The Road…

If you landed here somehow it’s no accident. People who ask themselves this question have a natural entreprenual spirit.

The fact that someone even asks themselves this question means you already found your answer.

This was a question I asked myself many times, following being fired. I noticed this cycle of being fired never having an end.

At every job I had ever worked, I worked my ass off, kissed some ass, and used every ounce of energy I had to put my best foot forward. It was never good enough.

The most shocking and traumatic fire was being let go for having a “poor attitude.” I was devastated that my bright eyed bushy tail self would ever be considered as such. The job rhymes with Sheezy Shpazz, it was a customer service job dealing with TOLL.  This was one place out of many where I went out of my way to be kind to co-workers and clients.

It hit me. No matter how “good” I was, I would never be a perfect candidate for any job. The reason was because spiritually I was meant to do more.

Some people excel at jobs, and some get tired of being fired. I always knew I was greater than a job. You might be wondering how spirituality plays a role in making the decision to work for yourself. Here is how:

This decision is based on your intuition. Follow your heart. Jobs can be extremely beneficial for those who are good at it and find their place in the workforce. What I’ve learned the last ten years is not to force things, and I’m not about that job life.

The universe has ways of placing situations before us, forcing us to grow. So I’ve spent the last ten years being a master at getting fired. You will come to a place called the “the fork in the road”, here you will contemplate whether looking for a better job or deciding to work for yourself is best for you.

The FEAR of constantly getting fired drove me to seek other financial options. In which I did. I don’t make much right now, but I’m here to tell you it’s completely worth it.

If you are on the fence about this decision, just remind yourself of all your firing experiences, and know that working for yourself can be a permanent solution.





Why You Keep Getting Fired!

Getting fired is always a hard pill to swallow. Especially when you feel like the reasons for your unemploymemt were not your fault. Likability, race, age, and sexual orientation sometimes play a major role in why people are let go.

Main reason people are fired:

You are always late–  Employers hate when you are late. It shows your co-workers including your boss, that you don’t value their time. No one is perfect and its okay to be late SOMETIMES, just don’t make it a habit.

Gossip/Hanging with bad co-workers:

It might be fun to hang out with the joksters, gossiper’s, or even the bosses “fav”, but BEWARE it’s a terrible idea. Those co-workers who seem fun already have a “target” on their back, and are usually on their way out, you just don’t know it yet. Some employers build up silent rap sheets for those problematic employees. You being associated with them raises an eyebrow to the higher-ups. Don’t be next on the list. Create your own work image.

Not Being Adaptable- Be Transparent

If you are have trouble adapting to a specific work culture, you may want to work on that. If you don’t fit in, you may make your co-workers or boss uncomfortable because they might not be able to connect with you. Work on your adaptability, that way you will always be easy to approach, and even easier to work alongside.

You Always Complain!

Complaining at a job about the very job you signed up for is redundant, and it’s annoying for others to have to listen to you complain. Children complain, adults CHANGE. You know how the company works. It is their system, in which you are assisting in. Don’t mistake a job for your own company. If you have THAT MANY complaints, that environment is not suited for you.

Living a Hoslistic Life means always remaining true to yourself. The average person is at work more than they are home. ALWAYS create a balanced work life for yourself so you can live your best Holistic Life.

“Stay Balanced”





Religion Vs. Spiritually

This has been a question that has been asked over centuries. Which is better?…

I’ve been through at least 5 different religions in the last 10 years. I was searching for “god”, just like anyone else, any, and everywhere.

What I found interesting was each religion I sought felt the same. I was always seeking to “find” the ONE TRUE GOD. I went to countless bible studies, meditated with Buddhists, went to Harlem, NY and learned from 5 percenters on being God, went back to the Christian Church for more bible studies because I thought I “missed something”, became an Atheist from being religiously exhausted, and finally, I’m just SPIRITUAL god damnit!

The most important lesson I learned was no matter what religion I sought, it was all the same. It all leads to one true being, us.

Since I had taken in so much information over the years, I was able to start connecting the dots, it became clear to me that ALL religions follow the same template.

Now… Where does that put someone who cannot decide between spirituality and religion?

Here is how you decide:

Decide whether you like the thought of spiritually being conrtolled, if that makes you feel safe and secure, or whether you’d like the thought of having no boundries when it comes to your own spirituality.

What I really mean is, religion is controlled due to the fact that there are rules set it place before you. Whereas spiritually acknowledges god in all forms, not limiting any experiences you may have, or would like to reach.

So this choice is available for every one. Always be true to yourself whether you decide to be religious or spiritual.

Stay Balanced.

When The Government Shuts Down…

How To Start Over : When The Government Shuts Down

The thought of losing a job, or actually losing your job is a terrifying thought. When our basic necessities are taken away, we no longer have the ability to fuction normally.

According to Maslows Heirarchy of Basic Needs, we all need phsical survival needs (food, sleep, oxygen, and shelter), physical safety ( from danger, harm, or being attacked), love and belonging (friends, and family), self esteem (confidence), and self-fulfillment met.

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who was devoted to finding out how people got the best out of themselves.

When we have our basic neccesities, fear of lacking simply doesn’t exist, and fear cannot thrive where it is non existent.


An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and likely to cause pain.


Check Your Emotions:


A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

When we are able to control our emotions, we are then able to control the outcome of ANY situation. Yes! Any!

One method that really works is to be mindful of how you feel in every situation. Notice what makes you frustrated, angry, happy, excited, etc. Take note of yourself!

Once you have enough notes to draw conclusions about yourself, use this as your template for future emotional events.

This is your HOLY GRAIL…


Come up with a strategic plan for getting yourself out of this mess. Consider your options. What can you do to fix it? What is impossible to fix? What steps can you take within your control?

Exude every option until you can’t think of anymore. I would suggest not spending more than a day on this. If you have to spend more time, do this process for one hour at a time, whenever you can. Remember, you need a plan now, the longer you wait, the more time passes by.

I like to call this part of the journey “Conception.”. It’s a plan, within a plan, within a plan…

Ultimately you are conceiving every step of the way, planting seeds that will eventually blossom.

With all of your options considered, come up with a SECOND STRATEGY. This second plan’s purpose is to map out all ways you can avoid being placed in the event that caused you to lose everything in the first place.

If you were let go from a job, perhaps the next job you could take note on WHAT went wrong. Did you make any mistakes? How can you avoid it next time?

You may have to step down off your stallion for a moment to really analyze your true self. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes.

If you are DONE WITH JOBS this is a perfect time to start a business. You may have to work a part time job in the beginning to be financially stable, but eventually you can leave your 9-5 and pursue your passions.

Don’t think of starting over as a bad thing. There are levels to this shit. Think of yourself as LEVELING UP, and the universe is supporting your elevation.

So go ahead! We challenge you to get through this next level in your life!

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